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The Perspective of Death and How it Compares to Everything

Death is an ultimate destination for all entities that coexist on this small sphere called Earth or even this Universe.

We do several things to survive such as: breathing, drinking, eating, reproduction, and the most important of all, in this particular aspect, is our social interactions leading to social constructs.

There are three focuses: the dreamer, "lives in the moments", and a happy cherishing person.

1) If one perceives life as long and prosperous, s/he may desire to stretch out activities way beyond where it may be logically and psychologically possible or "the dreamer".

2)If one perceives death as a destination, then they might be a negative person and always have half empty cups, but lives in the moments.

3)If one can be able to perceive life as long and death as a destination, then that may equate the person to be living in the moment and cherishing all around them or otherwise known as the happy, positive, and "cup half full type" of person.

One may believe you are born with these mentalities, but others may believe it is a choice. I believe it to be a choice. It is how one perceives things that may influence s/he to be a certain type of person.

Once an individual compares everything to death, I believe, that realization will bring them to the conclusion that everything fails in comparison to death. If a person is able to comprehend the importance of this idea, then I believe that s/he will live a more healthy and productive life, when s/he chooses to put more effort into being a "cup half full" person.

As some religious institutions teach, happiness comes from within. Bring out the positivity and trample the negative ones.

Thanks for reading my preliminary thoughts and I'd love to read yours. =)

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    Sep 17 2012: As you think of it, everything that lives has never died.

    You started out as one cell composed from your parents as they have started out the same way.
    If you count back billions of years, than one cell that once lived then is still living now in multiple form.

    Living is just an animated way of being.
    To continue life the only thing that matters is to survive long enough to reproduce.

    The destiny of any body is the same as that of any other vehicle.
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    Sep 16 2012: Death should be seen as an end here on earth; but life here is all about who we eventually become.
    Are we going to add to the world's sadness and misery by our actions, choices or passivity?
    It is good to be aware that death will eventually come; it is equally good to use every opportunity that we have to make the right choices and to enjoy the gift of life; and not forgetting to give care and attention to our environment, family, friends, and nation.
    We should also forgive our enemies; because whatever bad they must have done we shouldn't be like them.

    Life is our one opportunity to be what we will be; and death means we've become what we are before we die.
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    Sep 16 2012: I was bought up to believe death is inevitable but happens in a moment and all moments are fleeting. My maori ancestors though dead in the physical sense live through me so i am the sum total of my ancestors. Therfore death is a beginning.
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      Sep 17 2012: The Māoritanga and Aotearoa, 5000 years, ocean navigators and astronomers.Learning.
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        Sep 17 2012: As well as the 'sum total of our ancestors' my family explored other ancient maori beliefs, one being know though enemy, name them, name there ancestors and learn the troubles from the past that haunt the people of today. I'm not sure I believe this as in a day to day way in our modern world such a belief can be distracting, a belief from a culture you are isolated from. But in times of psychological stress it is an interesting concept because you can learn by naming your fears you can live with them better. Is this true for many about death, if you fear it and not name it does it become something you avoid and it takes on a new meaning.
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          Sep 18 2012: Thanks Derek for another good question.
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          Sep 18 2012: I agree with Anna! Naming our fears is the first step to making it less of a fear, then you continue to contemplate why it scares you so. I am interested by the Maori. Wish I knew more.
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    Sep 16 2012: One of the most fascinating things about death is how everyone reacts to it. It's interesting how death in any culture is viewed as a sad or tragic and depressing thing. And in a lot of stories, the most tragic scene is often when someone dies, or how one reacts to that one's death. For me, death has always been a medium of fascinating character study no matter who you are.

    No one on earth really knows for certain what it is like to be dead, or what would happen to you or your mind when you die.
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    Oct 1 2012: I think:
    (1) Life is like a running for a relay race with a baton of parents’ DNA alive.
    (2) VALID happiness is any successful step of the race.
    (3) Death is giving the baton to next runner --- your son/daughter.
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    Sep 18 2012: Very interesting. I believe so far, many of you guys believe that Death is more of a spring board of knowledge more than a sorrow depression?

    Still, we should live life each day as most we can, until we someday hit the hay. =)