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Become a politician to (try to) make the world a better place?

About two years ago I discovered TED, then i spent a year watching all the Talks and getting into many different Conversations about just about everything.

It was clear to me long before I found TED that the world had problems, and every now and then I would come up with a solution to one of these problems.
But the problem or the solution was only ever discussed and shared with my friends, who weren't very influential - and thus no changes came to the world from my thoughts or opinions.

As I watched more and more TED Talks and got into deeper and deeper Conversations I realized that many of the problems I had been pondering were already solved in ingenious ways. But very few were ever implemented on large scale, mostly because of political issues in one way or another.

I tried at first to influence politicians through social media and Emails. I wrote to all kinds of officials about everything that was promising and innovative, about all the cool projects that there were out in the world and urged them to take these great ideas to heart.
Very few replied and it is my conclusion that I was unsuccessful in influencing them strongly enough to achieve the amount of change I was hoping for.

So in December I decided to become one, a local politician in my hometown.
So far I haven't been able to pass any revolutionary laws or systems. But I have managed to make politics in Falkenberg, Sweden a bit more transparent and open, getting them to use social media and tech more and better.
I've managed to help save our local hospital from being moved to another city and I've gathered a handful of good and smart people to form a "visionary group" for our city.

On top of that I've met incredible (and not so incredible) people that have the power to change things. And I've been able to forward my ideas to them, getting feedback and achieving (small) change through this.

It's a start!

When will you start and what will it take?

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  • Sep 18 2012: the problem of governments it has too much pride to ask for help citizens simply, we must also say that the numbers of person in government who have the power of decision are very few, that's why it is urgent that government to create (a secretariat of innovative ideas) plus they have nothing to lose and the secretariat will be cheaper to manage because it's wil allow people to participate in direct way to change, it will be examined by commition which have the final decision to accept or not the idea ,exuse my english
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      Sep 19 2012: I've been in contact with " http://seeclickfix.com/ " which let's citizens do precisely that and more. I'm working on ways of getting it implemented here.

      Watch the TEDx Talk about Seeclickfix if you wish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0DsSxVG7VI
      • Sep 20 2012: . thank you jimmy , http://seeclickfix.com is very interesting I hope successful for you , if we don't think different the future will be very bad like the movie MAD MAX , and if I have ideas I wil tel you about
      • Sep 22 2012: go, because I'm nice, I give you the first one , we know water resources dwindled day by day, I tell you simply that this is an event happen in my bathroom and I shoot in my field of view, i view my old manual faucet and I was shocked to see that I shoot an invention that dates back to 1486 with an iPhone ho the man has done better technologically, that's why the faucets works in automatic approach hands must be generalize in most houses possible to diminish enormously the waste water (1) firstly find the cheapest to produce as possible for the amount of faucets, the change of the old faucets will recover a lot of copper that will reduce the cost of the news (2) secondly we must take the best of them and put them in a museum (3) it's going to create many jobs , thank you

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