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Introduce the world to a kid?

When you born here, in a world that's full of houses and streets, and where you should go to school and later on go to work. When in fact, this world should be full of nature without obligations because obligations and buildings weren't here before, people created this.
As a kid I wondered why no-one introduced me to this. As a kid, I expected to be in a world full of nature. We are all animals in fact and we expect to be surrounded by nature.
I think people/you mum should introduce you to this world, this world where you have to go to school etc. Like "look, this is what we all build, and now it looks like this." Maybe with an extra explanation. More it doesn't need.

Did you ever think about this?

  • Sep 16 2012: When you take a child (or an adult for that matter) camping, you don't even have to say a word to see them light up with awe. The wonders of nature seem to bring out the best in "most" of us.
    Technology has made the world a smaller place & construction has taken over many natural places, but they can not replace the wonders of nature.
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      Sep 16 2012: You say that the nature speaks for itself?
      I think it's important that a person introduces you to it, so you can speak about it. And change thoughts
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    Sep 19 2012: The World is Yours !
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    Sep 16 2012: It used to be really nice... Don't be like us.
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      Sep 16 2012: I saw the talk of alison and I agree with her. I once talked with a psychologist and I was talking about something I can't remember what it was but then he said "well children don't realise that, they can't realise that" and my answer was "yes they can". When I was a kid/baby I thought a lot about other people and about their thoughts, feelings etc. I never agreed with statements like "babies can't have perspective over other people" or any other statement related to that. They even say something like that about kids, that they can't see the difference between good and bad, and I never agreed with that. When I was a kid I knew what was wrong and what wasn't, I knew what people liked and didn't like. But children are more impulsive mostly and they just do what they want (sometimes, not always) so that's why it can sometimes look like they don't think of others but that's not true. "Thanks for sending, I loved the talk. These other two I will watch as well.
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    Sep 16 2012: Hi Melissa...nice to see you on TED again:>)

    I feel that it is important to indroduce kids to as many things as possible in this life experience....especially nature.

    I agree with Gale that most people recognize a connection with nature, and being in nature often changes our perspectives and attitude about life. I have had lots of experiences in nature, which I appreciate very much, and I don't think I will ever stop being in awe of our natural world:>)
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      Sep 16 2012: Hi Colleen
      Indeed what gale said was beautiful, I think no-one ever will stop being in awe of nature =)
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    Sep 16 2012: With our accelerated connectivity it may be easier to virtually demonstrate our way of life through the network of the "group mind". Tablet devices allow for the distribution of knowledge and perception metaphorically, perhaps this will allow for more diverse understandings of the role of self in a such chaotic world.
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      Sep 16 2012: I think that's a good way to spread it.