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What can Human Rights do about racism ?

It is known that for a long time racism was a big problem for all mankind. The question is: Can we accept everybody no matter what color, country or religion represent ? For example a concern is the gipsies from Europe who can hardly find a place an be accepted by the community. Can we do something for them? Where should they live, eat, pray or learn ? I think the answer to all these questions leans in each one of us (especially for the politicians) and has a major influence on minority. Human rights should be applied and intervene in every single case, when a human being or an ethnicity suffers because of not knowing how to handle the problem. Why human rights doesn't intervene, it remains an enigma..


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    Sep 17 2012: Simply being aware of human rights and abuses may change behavior. By defining our desire for compassion we will be compelled to nurture it. People tend to be defined by their behavior rather than their intention, therefore , perhaps we can nurture our compassion enough to modify our intention to attain the will to modify our behavior.

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