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What can Human Rights do about racism ?

It is known that for a long time racism was a big problem for all mankind. The question is: Can we accept everybody no matter what color, country or religion represent ? For example a concern is the gipsies from Europe who can hardly find a place an be accepted by the community. Can we do something for them? Where should they live, eat, pray or learn ? I think the answer to all these questions leans in each one of us (especially for the politicians) and has a major influence on minority. Human rights should be applied and intervene in every single case, when a human being or an ethnicity suffers because of not knowing how to handle the problem. Why human rights doesn't intervene, it remains an enigma..


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  • Sep 16 2012: We can eliminate the concept of race by not teaching it to children. There is a continuum of color, characteristics. The concept of racism oversimplifies the facts and misleads. The best approach would be to orient children to the concept of their being EARTHLINGS with interesting differences in individual characteristics.
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      Sep 16 2012: Such concept of eliminating race was brought up in a nice way (but on a different topic) through Richard Dawkin's "The Virus of the Mind."

      Racism is passed on generationally through individuals on a generation basis, as it is passed down and down. That's how the cycle continues to go, and usually such perception of racism is founded on the lack of knowledge about other cultures, in other words: one is ignorant of another race.

      Just as Rhona stated, children need to be taught as not only earthlings, but as humans altogether. There should not be any special ways of teaching minorities over others, as it is in the case through many education systems. Same thing as what goes on at home: older people should be exposed to various cultures and stuff.

      Racism usually arises in societies and communities where multiculturalism and diversity of communities/ethnic groups are poor, or at least such example is seen in the US.
      • Sep 17 2012: Having problems with another culture is not the same as racism (because you would not have a problem with someone who is from another race but was raised in your culture) and we should not pretend that it is. Criticism of other cultures can be valid, racism never is.

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