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How do you thing the world going to end?

tell me what you think or believe.


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    Sep 16 2012: In Islam people believe that when the sun rises from west instead of east, humanity will have 100 years left to live. Yes, not a very convincing but i'm respecting of course. On the other hand, Einstein said '' if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years left to live.'' Everyone has different ideas and belief about end of the world but my opinion is closer to Einstein said because the world has became a bad place to live environmentally as days pass and i think precautions are not enough right now. If i come back to your question, i don't want to be alive in that time. We have seen lots of terrible times sufficiently in the world and lost some loved ones but in the end everybody will disappeared permanently so i don't want to watch that film. The best is die before the world end.

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