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What dreams do you have for the world?

Society is not a constant, it is always evolving, always changing to best fit the world. But all these changes always begin dream. Like Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of equality or Nelson Mandela's dream of freedom.

It will be interesting to document the dreams we have for society, as only once these seeds are sown, can real change happen. This is precisely what I aim to do, to collect the dreams you have, which can be idealistic as well as practical, so maybe one day, when you really do have a daughter (or daughter's daughter), someone will make them come true.


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  • Mar 21 2011: I dream that we could find a perfect balance with nature. Cities that fully accept the environment around them, but still let us live comfortably. Hopefully a form of government that is fully tolerant, but can still take control if need be. Personally I think it might be slightly socialist leaning. And my biggest hope would be a blossoming of religions, by which I mean everybody can decide their own path in terms of spirituality.

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