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What dreams do you have for the world?

Society is not a constant, it is always evolving, always changing to best fit the world. But all these changes always begin dream. Like Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of equality or Nelson Mandela's dream of freedom.

It will be interesting to document the dreams we have for society, as only once these seeds are sown, can real change happen. This is precisely what I aim to do, to collect the dreams you have, which can be idealistic as well as practical, so maybe one day, when you really do have a daughter (or daughter's daughter), someone will make them come true.

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    Mar 23 2011: I dream of a world where there are no slaves, no human trafficking, no products sold for profit that enslave or addict people. I dream of a world where every kid is well fed, well loved and well educated. I dream of a world where we really use our talents not just to make a few rich but to enrich our communities and make life generally better. I dream of a world where power is not enforced at the end of a gun or by the power to withdraw someone's livelihood or where the loudest or most connected person with access to the brutish strength wins the debate and steers the ship.
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      Mar 23 2011: "no products sold ... that ... addict people"

      nooooo, not nutella! don't ban nutella!
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        Mar 24 2011: Krisztian!
        I promise that nutella will be the exception (I like it too)! Thank you for making me smile!
      • Mar 30 2011: I would add that to the addictive prescriptive drugs that doctors aare incentivised to dish out. How about we incentivise doctors to not prescribe drugs? Instead they could be incentivised to prescribe what would be most beneficial to wellness like a stress management coach or life coach if say, they are on anti-depressants. This is only one example but others like a weight loss coach or mobility coach etc...
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          Apr 7 2011: Hi Frances,
          If I could make a significant change in the world it would be take prescribing from the hand of physicans and place it in the hands of pharmacists. Drs. generally get very little education in medications and their side effects. Most of the ongoing education that they do get is from pharmaceutical reps with strongly biased information. Pharmacists on the other hand spend years understanding medications and their interactions.
          Doctors should diagnose or refer to other specialist like stress management professionals as you suggest but when needed- pharmacists should prescribe.
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      Apr 2 2011: I have the same dream - and you know I have the feeling that some ancient time ago our society was dreaming this dream too. It was the time of films such as "Star Trek" or "Odyssee 2001" by S. Kubrik. If films are really reflections of the state of mind of a society, we are quitely alone with this dream. The mission is still on going!
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        Apr 7 2011: Hi Bernd!
        I am a fan of the Star Trek future world view too! I think Roddenbery must have been an interesting and foreward thinking TEDster before his time.
  • Apr 11 2011: My dream is:

    End the era of HAVE and start the era of BE.
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    Apr 18 2011: I dream of salmon, halibut, yellowtail, bluefin, sea bass, mackerel, octopus, beef, chicken and pork. Not the whole animals, but the flesh of those creatures...cloned and growing in fixtures with no brains, no senses. Fed by tubes with nutrients sufficient to make the flesh grow with all the taste and nutritional benefit of the healthiest of the wild animals. The fixtures they grow upon mechanically stress them and generate signals to exercise the muscle to facilitate proper growth, since the aim is to not make an animal that can suffer, but just the flesh for preparation by my favorite sushi chef, built by Honda, programmed in Tokyo by top chefs. After a delicious sushi lunch, I like to spend twenty minutes smoking on the observation deck pondering the lunar surface and the distant Earth, fast becoming a nature reserve as so many are now either living ecologically or colonizing Mars. Then I'll be touring a mine or the many manufacturing centers, dreaming up ways to improve productivity. Perhaps I will wander down in the greenhouses or have a chat with some of the brighter robots, but I am a professional, so whenever "lightning strikes", I'll be pulling up my pad or heading for the Brainstorm center to pull diagrams across screens and apply my creativity to the constant upgrading of the Lunar Industrial Complex. It's that gushing flow of useful thoughts that gets me the "pay" that brings the perks like smoking and drinking whatever and whenever I want. Sure, I've had to regrow my lungs three times and de-cancer five, but hell, I'm coming up on my 125th birthday, and I never cut my limbs or head off like some of those extreme-sports people! I know people will say, "that stuff stinks!" and "people used to die from that!" Let's face it, people used to die no matter what, and many starved just because the Nation-State political nonsense was so poorly run. I was there, I remember. It was pathetic before our species got its act together and learned to share.
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    Apr 20 2011: My dream is for the world to be a slower place: where Nature is respected and honored, where relationships matter, where you are part of a world community, where there is enough empathy for War to be a foreign word, where there is less media, less consumption, more living with better quality food than quantity. An empathetic world.
  • Apr 6 2011: I dream...

    of a world where people love each other. And I mean real love..the kind of love where we truly put others before ourselves.

    of a world in which science and faith are not mutually exclusive.

    of a world where education is valued as the means by which society is improved and progressed.
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    Apr 14 2011: I've had a lot of dreams for the world I live in over the years. I've dreamed of a world where people earn a living doing what they like to do instead of doing things they hate to pay the bills. Where they can build homes that are affordable, that don't require massive amounts of energy to heat and cool. Where everyone uses only what they need and leaves the rest for others. Where cities are landscaped with food bearing trees, open running streams full of fish all free for the taking. Where city blocks have open, common fields in the middle where residents of the block can decide to make a park for their children, or grow food, or raise animals, or whatever they want. Kinda like a mini-village. I've dreams of houses on these blocks being 3 or 4 stories tall, where families and extended families live under one roof. Where Mom, Dad, children, Grandma, and Grandpa sit down to dinner together. Maybe aunts and uncles live next door, or two or three doors down. I've dreamed of crafts-people being able to earn a living wage practicing their art and bringing back the Cottage Industry while using locally available materials. I've dreamed of a world with fewer people, not because of famine, but because people choose to have smaller families in order to live on the resources available within 100 miles of where they live. I've dreamed of world where land doesn't belong to people, but rather people belong to the land. Where no one is homeless because if you find a patch of land that no one's using, you can pitch a tent or build a home on it. I've dreamed of a world where community leaders are asked by the community to lead because they show a record of good decision making and long term planning for the benefit of the community instead of seeking power and luxury for themselves. Where there is no difference in the standard of living between the leaders and their people. Mostly, I've dreamed of a world where people are content with what they have instead of always wanting more.
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    Apr 5 2011: * I dream that one day computers get so powerful that living inside them will be more desirable than living outside them for death and other ills would be gone.
    * I dream that one day computers will do the ruling rather the political parties. So that there is no greed just careful evolutionary progress to the betterment of man and society.
    * I dream that large corporations and super rich people will be dismantle for a more homogenizer spread of wealth.
    * I dream that people would make science their number one priority rather than weapons and armies.
    * I dream that one day we could meet another life form from another place in the universe which is smarter than us yet friendly towards us as well.
    * I dream that the world would unify into a single government, so that there is a new age of cooperation for all.
    * I dream that people would value logic over feelings so as we do things we don't end up killing each other.
    * I dream one day God will be gone and humans would learn to be humble.

    I dream so many other things...
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      Apr 5 2011: I like your single government/cooperation dream!!!!
  • Apr 4 2011: I wish for the world that every single human being recognizes the fact that what he or she does affects the world in general and that there is no one who is going to take care of the things that go wrong except ourselves. I wish that everybody accepts the responsibillty he has for himself his family his friends and the rest of humanity and acts up to it.
    I wish also globalization to end. To treat all places on earth almost the same (mostly the american) way isn't really the way to accept some natural circumstances, like water, energy, light and space shortages.
    I just wish everybody to be concious of themselves, their surroundings and their actions to both.
  • Apr 2 2011: One of my dreams (since most of the other ones I dream of are already posted here) is that:

    The world is Open Source.
    Science understands the value of itself.
    A society where there is no more need to impose limitations explicitly, on anything.
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    Mar 24 2011: I dream of a world where we can all have our needs of food, shelter, safety, and basic comfort met with minimal effort and we can devote the major part of our time to pursuing whatever most interests each of us at the moment.
    • Mar 30 2011: I support that idea as would "Conversations with God" - Neale Donald Walsh.
  • Apr 20 2011: I dream of peace, inner and outer. I dream of a world where there are no more wars, where nuclear power is part of the history books like starting fire with sticks, where health care is universal, where medicine is about helping people and not corporate greed, where all children of the world are well fed and educated, where women around the world are safe and free, where sex trades don't exit, where secret spousal abuse is no longer secret because women feel safe to say enough is enough, where girls grow up with total confidence, where all people of all gender and race are equal and respectful, where organic food is mainstream and affordable to the masses, and chemical sprayed and genetically modified foods do not exist, where love prevails in all arenas, where politics and government are really about the people, where the sun shines most of the time during the day and it rains at night while Im sleeping, where rainbows appear over the ocean and whales and dolphins are free from slaughter, where TV is netflix steaming without commercials, where jobs are what we do because we love to do it and the pay is equal to the standard of living, where water is pure and clean, and we can drink it out of the creek or river instead buying it from pepsi or coke. I dream of a world my grandchildren will grow up in, flourish and live to a healthy old age without oppression and big brother controlling their every move. I dream that everyone soon realizes we are all connected, that we really are one with all living things. I dream of peace, inner and outer, and that all beings be free from suffering.
  • Apr 19 2011: I dream of a sustainable world where our children, grandchildren, and generations to come can experience the same beauty on this planet that we have in our lifetime. I dream of a world where the world wide web allows us to band together to solve problems, realize that we are all connect to one another, and eliminate xenophobia. I dream of a world where education and learning is democratize where a child in sub-Sahara Africa has the same opportunities as a child elsewhere in the world so that we can all live up to our full potential.
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    Apr 19 2011: An anarcho syndicalist society, where poverty and oppression don't exist, where people work what they want to work, creatively express themselves and have time to spend with their families.

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    Apr 2 2011: my dream is as simple as revolutionary: a handbag which is illuminated inside; the task: find the necessities of life quicker.
  • Apr 1 2011: I dream that we will deal with our current teething troubles of global warming and in doing so realise that our civilisation is no longer a 'superorganism' in a larger ecosystem, but that it =is= the ecosystem; that from that point on, we construct a civilisation-ecosystem that doesn't expel any material 'waste' but instead uses all of its material intake for growth - so that the ecosystem, which is life itself, grows sustainably, keeping all its material contents within the system; and that we use this potential for growth to spread life and thought throughout the Solar System and beyond.

    We live in a universe in which intelligent life seems rare - it has evolved only once or perhaps twice (as far as I'm aware we just don't know enough about dolphin cognition to be sure) in four billion years of life on Earth. What that means is that the vast majority of the universe is meaningless, because meaning, purpose, beauty, and all other values are created by sapient beings - human beings - who imbue the world around them with these qualities. Let me explain. If something is meaningful, it is meaningful =to= someone. If something is worthwhile, it is worthwhile =to= a person. If a place is a home it is necessarily =somebody's= home. And it's =good= that things should have all these positive qualities - but the only things that do, so far, are bounded within a few light-minutes of just one, single, small, yellow star in all the infinite cosmos. One mote of dust, gleaming oh-so-weakly in a firmament that could one day, if we so choose, shine with light. And so my dream is that someday soon we shall travel out into the empty universe and fill it with life and meaning.
  • Mar 31 2011: I dream of a world where all girls are educated and all women equal to men. This has been proven to solve so many other problems.
    • Apr 6 2011: I dream of a world where all are educated. Preschool's priority would be to teach compassion and understanding, a prerequisite for school.
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        Apr 6 2011: I think it is a nightmare that these dreams are being limited to the realm of thought and fantasy.
  • Mar 30 2011: I dream of a world which would have as it highet paradigm of justice the possibility of offering easthetic solutions to real problems.
  • Apr 19 2011: Why are we here in this world ? is it a chance ?? a design ? a coincidence ? a plan by our parents ? from the ancestors ?
    when we get to know this we can sleep and dream peacefully
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    Apr 18 2011: I dream of the return of the "Prince of Peace." Heaven on earth. I dearm of a one road town from San Diego to El Paso, Tx. And a San Antonio, Tx type river walk from El Paso, Tx to Brownsville Tx. I dream of building a world class seaport in the Salton Sea and a canal to connect it to the Gulf of Califorina.
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    Apr 18 2011: I dream a world without fear, be it war, politics or catastrophes. A world where people will LIVE instead of completing a rudimentary life-cycle. That would be a more creative, more balanced more joyous place to live.
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    Apr 17 2011: My dream is peace, equality and harmony among all people. This includes the rejection of racism, classism and xenophobia. We are all one people. Too many people think the One World concept is arbitrary. We must all respect one another, and work to end hate, rabid consumerism, exploitation of people and our planet.
  • Apr 16 2011: My dream is that, one day, governments will not use force on its citizens.
    This means no taxation, no compulsory acquisition of personal property and no compulsory military service.
  • Apr 15 2011: I dream that there will be a day in which every person in the world tries every day to be the best version of themselves, aren't thining just at themselves, but also at the persons around them and that everyone sees their true potential and works hard to achieve their dreams.
    I do believe that a community of great individuals can achieve something greater that they can imagine.
  • Apr 14 2011: True, Society is not a constant and likewise are dreams. Neanderthals' wouldn't have dreamed of the world we live in. The reality is to live the ongoing dream as it emerges for each individual, society, nation and cosmos. Understanding of all that is around us-both animate and inanimate-especially in terms of how our lives get structured, forms the basis of contemporary dream- a saga beyond philanthropy to feed, have equal rights/opportunities or freedom. Historically, natural events unexpectedly turn it all around and return us to the beginning. My dream is therefore, to have life evolve in synchrony with natural events to develop new life forms and social orders in the future as a means to prevent annihilation of life itself.
  • Apr 14 2011: There is a recent aphorism that said something to the effect that the 20th century represents the collapse of the dream of social Utopias, the 21st will represent the collapse of the technological one.
    My dream I guess, is that the collapse wont too devastating and that it wont take centuries to recover from it.
  • Apr 13 2011: John Lennon’s Imagine comes to mind.

    I dream of direct democracy, where the people affected by decisions have a chance to weigh in on them, where accountability has a face, and where there is no machinery of government whose sole purpose is to perpetuate itself at all costs.
  • Apr 13 2011: Rishabh the answer is obvious which your namesake had given during freedom struggle of India,
    a poem by Gurudev rabindra nath Tagore....

    Where The Mind is Without Fear

    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
    Where knowledge is free
    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
    By narrow domestic walls
    Where words come out from the depth of truth
    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
    Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
    Where the mind is led forward by thee
    Into ever-widening thought and action
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

    Rabindranath Tagore
  • Apr 13 2011: Imagine a world where everybody's purpose would be to take care of everybody else. The mind baulks at the idea of it: it's ludicrous to the extreme. Yes, it's radical, but think about it:each of us would be serving everybody else and for those who wonder where they will find the time to help themselves, remember that you, in turn, would be helped by everybody else.

    Such an notion, however, is doomed to failure. Why? We are selfish beings. Self-preservation is in our genetic makeup; we look after ourselves first; our families next--genetically imprinted in our make-up because they will carry our genes forward. Friends are next; strangers last, if at all.

    But some things that were "scientifically" doomed to failure, didn't fail. Magellan didn't fall off the flat earth when he sailed around it; the Wright brothers achieved sustained flight in a heavier-than-air machine; Andy Green proved that a land vehicle can travel faster than the speed of sound in Thrust SSC...so I'll stick with my hope that sometime in the future, our descendants will live in a society of peace because humans don't look after themselves, but everybody else.

    That's my dream for the world: a society where we serve others, not ourselves.
  • Apr 11 2011: I am currently studying watershed management and political science in an attempt to promote and provide 3 main things that will effectively change our world for the better. All of which are the same priority.
    1. Education
    2. Clean drinking water
    3. Women Rights