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What happens after you die? where, if anywhere, do you go? where would you want to go? why?

Many people think after they die they going to heaven. but is that true anyone can go to heaven or only people who believe in god. And what god? There are thousands of religions with different gods but who is the true god we should believe in to go to heaven.

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    Sep 28 2012: Well I won't have to listen to any more bs. You go in the ground unless you chose to be roasted. I don't care just as long as people leave me alone and shut up.
  • Sep 27 2012: Realy I can`t answer
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    Sep 17 2012: What happens after I die is the business of anyone still alive.

    Before I die, however, I'd love to visit some kind of heaven. Gardens, light, wine and gorgeous women bathing. Conversations with fascinating people. I know that such a place exists, but if people like me were invited, it'd cease to be heaven for those who paid for it.
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    Sep 17 2012: Try to remember what it was like before you were born, before your first memories.
    This is where you will return to when you die.
    Notice the lack of fear and overall sense of peace when you try to remember.
  • Sep 17 2012: "What happens after you die? where, if anywhere, do you go?"

    You probably just cease to exist.

    "where would you want to go? why?"

    Be some kind of energy cloud that has complete understanding of nature and can instantly travel anywhere, and anytime, in the universe and communicate with all the other energy clouds (but not affect things in the universe).
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    Sep 16 2012: Who really knows?

    Many people think they will be reincarnated too.

    In the past people thought they would go to Valhalla or Hades etc.What if the Norse gods are real and the only way to get into Valhalla is to die in battle?

    No body knows but there are plenty of guesses floating around.

    No one knows if there are gods let alone which ones are real.

    My guess is after we die, our brain stops working and our consciousness also stops, ends. Oblivion. Just like we did not exist before we were conceived.

    I'm okay with this most likely reality, although I wouldn't mind healthy happy living until I got bored with life.

    Given we don't know I suggest we focus on making the best of this life as it is probably the only one.