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which country do you think the diaoyu island belongs to

recently china has done much to protect its land from japan

  • Sep 15 2012: I suspect my attitude is shared by much of the world.

    I have no idea, and really do not care. I do not know anything about this island.

    I am fairly certain that it would be terribly unwise to cause bloodshed over this issue. Find a court, a group of wise men, and you both present your case and have it settled. Do it without threats or bribery. Act civilized.
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      Sep 16 2012: thank you for your is just what i want
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      Sep 18 2012: Way to be honest... Seriously. Anything, but bloodshed.
  • Sep 16 2012: Diaoyu Island and Earth. We are all EARTHLINGS. When we accept that identity- Earthling- perhaps we will achieve peace and harmony. Anything positive is possible.
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      Sep 16 2012: but you can't deny there are countyies.we live in different countries!we are different people!right?
      • Sep 16 2012: We are all human beings. We are all Earthlings. We are all individuals with different characteristics that make us interesting and complementary.
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          Sep 16 2012: i totally agree with you that we are allindividuals with different characterristics that make us interesting and complmentart
          but i think what you say may be not realistic at this time .it may come in the future!at this moment we people still have a lot of problrms .war,racial,eco,land.many many.we should still find ways to solve it.just like a song says 'sky is still the sky .land is still land '
          that is it
      • Sep 17 2012: Chen, I agree. There are many problems. I have noticed that, for example, holding a war in order to cause peace, does not seem to work very efficiently. It seems humankind just changes the name of the enemy and the weapons and outfits. I think we need more fundamental changes. Starting with children, we can change humanity into the loving, harmonious, peaceful, happy people we are supposed to be. If you examine the probems, e.g., racisim, religious hatreds, you will find that they are a function of incorrect brainwashing that starts in childhood. Life can be a good, pleasurable experience for all. We must rid the world of the irrationality of those who, for example, claim that their religion is the "only" correct religion and that their religion gives them the right and even duty to murder and maim and torture complete strangers. Spare the children from that kind of brainwashing and we will co-create a joyous population all over our lovely planet, Earth. Let's do it. Anything positive is possible.
  • Sep 15 2012: legally Japan, historically China
  • Sep 18 2012: It's about time that everyone sends adults to draw maps showing who owns what in these potentially oil rich areas. Oil or whatever. Japan, China, the Phillipines. Taiwan, etc. Also, why shouldn't China and Taiwan weet to discuss what kind of country there should be in future unification if that is what will eventually happen. The Europeans worked things out well in North Sea oil and they have not always palyed well wwith others. I hope that the nations in this part of the world have grown to the point where they can do so, too. Do the right thing guys and ladies.
  • Sep 17 2012: its about control actually ...... n we need to let go of power..
  • Jon Ho

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    Sep 16 2012: Sigh......

    I think you did not read what I wrote at all, so I will repeat it again...

    """"It should be a safe haven, an open land, something like the North Pole or Antartica.""""""
  • Jon Ho

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    Sep 16 2012: Why is China crazy about a piece of sand and rock in the middle of the sea? It should belong to nobody, not China, not Japan, not Russia.

    It should be a safe haven, an open land, something like the North Pole or Antartica.
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      Sep 16 2012: can you find another land like this in your country .it is unreal!
      • Jon Ho

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        Sep 16 2012: So are you telling me that the huge China, as big as a continent with thousands of islands, does not have a single island that is as good or even better than Diaoyu Island? Is China really that sucks??!!!!

        Come on, that can't be right. China is so big with hundreds of even more unreal islands.... they don't have to fight other countries for Diaoyu Island right?

        So what's the problem here? Greed. Greedy Chinese Government just want to own everything. Its like the giant in the beanstalk story who has millions of gold coins, but just one of his silver coins get stolen and he gets violent.
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          Sep 16 2012: i think you misunderstood me !yes you are right that there are thousands of islands in china and we also have many islands better than ditaoyu island.
          but the problem is whose does itbelong to. you give me an example that the beanstalk story.yes we have millions of gold coins.if one got stolen.we must find out !because it is what you say we china has a larger landthan japan.then should we give some to
          japan ! if so maybe Russia should give some to us china .what do you think?
        • Sep 16 2012: There may be oil beneath the islands, that's why everyone suddenly wants them.
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    Sep 15 2012: Why does China want the islands? or is the dragon getting restless?
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      Sep 16 2012: because it is .it is just like why do you want your house!or do you want your house damaged!
  • Sep 15 2012: No people live there so you can't hold a referendum (though the very thought of letting people democratically choose whether they want to belong to an undemocratic nation strikes me as very odd), the islands are closest to Taiwan but they've only been settled by one country in the past: Japan. I'd say they belong to Japan, because of the past settlement, but it's a very complicated matter.
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      Sep 15 2012: oh my god !it can't be ture.china is the first country to find and name it !although we haven't sent people there but it can't be denied that we have the sovereignty.
      • Sep 15 2012: Well, you aksed my opinion and my opinion is that the first country that bothers developing the islands is the rightful owner, alternatively the islands could go to Taiwan because of proximity. If discovery alone was enoguh than many European nations could start claiming territories around the world that they never developed.
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        Sep 16 2012: So the first human group or culture to find some land and name it should get to keep it forever?

        Were the Han Chinese the first cultural group to find and name what is now the territory controlled by the Chinese Communist Party?

        The Ainu were the first people we know of to populate the islands of Japan. By your logic they should get control of JApan.

        The Aborigines in Australia were the first peoples here. Should they get it all back.

        The Tibetans probably have more right to Tibet than the Han Communists?

        I sympathise in that it is a complex issue. In the past the strongest have gotten to control land.

        Now we generally try to avoid wars, at least nuclear ones.

        I guess there are groups with claims to parts of mainland China with at least as much of a claim as the Han Communists have to these islands.

        And John, most of the world was discovered and populated before the Europeans re discovered it.

        Anyway, there are international mechanisms for deciding these things and one party is not going to be happy.

        Every nation that exists probably has been in the hands on many different groups at different times.

        I guess many US people would get upset if the Mexican asked for Texas back. OR the Native americans demanded the whole continent back.
      • Sep 16 2012: why is it about power...
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          Sep 17 2012: ehhh....because power is in our life .we should face it bravely