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The tense relations between Libya and the USA

The recent assassination of Chris Stevens, an ambassador of the United States of America in Libya, was a reaction to an american video, which portrayed Prophet Muhammad as a fraud and compared the Islamic religion to cancer.

However, the relationship between these two countries has a further history. Do you know anything more specific about their previous conflicts? Was this assassination a trigger for something bigger? Or was it only supposed to mask the real issues of the Arab world?


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    Sep 15 2012: When you call something "an American video," it makes it sound like it was somehow sponsored or promoted by America rather than that someone living in America was a part of the production of the film.
    • Sep 15 2012: My apologies, I never meant to accuse the USA, but that is the information available on the web sites, almost cited.
      It is only supposed to inform about the source the video had come from, but that of course does not mean it was an official document created by the government to mock Islam.
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        Sep 15 2012: Oh, I wasn't offended at all, Katarina. I just think that there is a difference between a person living in America being permitted because we have freedom of speech to do something and America doing it. Some may think there is no difference between these two, as freedom of expression is part of American values some people may find offensive in itself..
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          Sep 15 2012: Dear Fritzie, Sorry to say but freedom of speech does not mean that you start abusing someone and for your information this movie does not offended "some people" but the Muslims ( exceeding one Billion now) all over the world if you do not believe me you should read the newspaper of Muslim countries and try to get information from the friends who are living in Muslim communities. Personally I respect all the people whether they are Americans or Afghans but if one do something wrong all the country is blamed.
        • Sep 16 2012: "Dear Fritzie, Sorry to say but freedom of speech does not mean that you start abusing someone"

          Freedom of speech gives you the right to offend groups of people, because the alternative (heckler's veto) is so much worse (those hypocrites who say they are oh so "offended", and I know ithey are far from all 1 billion Muslims, are only offended when someone says something about Islam, you'll never see them protest when someone offends Jews or atheists). Freedom of speech doesn't mean you should offend, but it does protect you from prosecution if you absolutely feel the need to offend.

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