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What if there is no ultimate beginning or end?

Before I state an explanation I would like to say I am not very knowledgeable in the on going pursuit of science and evolution, however I am always eager to learn. Recently I have been exposed to the minds of Dr. Neil Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and Carl Sagan. I am new to the community and listening to even footage from the 1970s I have gathered as many ideas as possible and I am just extremely interested on many subjects.

Now, my explanation is what if there is no beginning or end? Not in a religious matter but humans can only perceive a beginning and an end because we are born, live and die. Things on a microscopic and even of a giant level in the cosmos are created, live and die. What if the universe as a whole is just an infinite loop of events, such as the big bang and crunch? I have done some research and haven't found any suggestion on the topic, I feel its a valid enough idea to have whether it can be true or not. I am just curious on the thoughts, thanks for any input.

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  • Sep 17 2012: Thanks guys for the input! I believe Jon Ho wrapped up exactly what I was thinking, more of a tesseract. I do believe in the big bang and possibly the crunch. I think just because we perceive things as humans to be of "life and death" is how we perceive the universe to work as well. I think it would be interesting to think that the universe cannot ever cease to exit, nor did it ever start. It only just exists, always has and always will, just an infinite loop of big bangs. Maybe even multiple universes infinitely looping, who knows? I just have never heard or anyone suggest that idea and I've always thought about it. I know it is a silly thought, but if at one point back in time you suggested the Earth was round, you would have been silly as well.

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