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I still wonder what drives us to take on this "never" ending commitment based on "lies" with the hope of living happy-ever-after fiction.

any experienced expert in this field?

what I think is this:

1. they both are sick and tired hanging on phones all day long and waiting for their date who arrive after being late al least 24 minutes or do

2. they both don't know what to wear for each date, so they keep buying tasteless and unfashionable clothes to impress their partner for a couple of hours and end up having more clothes than they could ever have.

3. they both are sick and tired finding themselves eating tasteless cheeseburgers 5 AM in the middle of the street.

Who's married here?

Any one else who wants to or tried to marry or have been married?
any opinion, thoughts?


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  • Sep 14 2012: around me they marry because the whole society is pushing them to get married, somehow the whole life is built around this single purpose of getting married and have children

    BTW .., it is not acceptable here to have a child without being married
    • Sep 14 2012: Wael,

      Thanks for you note

      I know that it is different in every culture and every one does its traditional way. I know there are cultural limits...

      so what you are saying is that sometimes we have to do certain things in our lives just because everyone around us do, is that correct? will that also be correct that we do not have freedom of choice to do what is right to us and not what everyone else is thinking?

      I started the question with WHY ... because it provides an answers which in many cases based on people's belief system and reason.

      WHY do I eat? because I am hungry, because I want to feed my body.

      Why do I marry?
      because I .....................................................
      - want to have free and hygienic intercourse,
      - am scared to be alone and die alone
      - want to have children

      these are examples of reasons.

      because my partner is .....................................................
      - the person I can live with.

      This is what you believe your partner is

      if the whole life is built around a single purpose, than there is no point living your live up to that.
      One must have many purposes in life, we must have choices in live...

      for one single thing? - I don't see the point!
      • Sep 14 2012: it is important to really think about such a decision , and i know for sure that a lot of people around did marry without knowing the real reason for it.
        Why is a powerful question, but at some point maybe i would ask "do you want to get married?"

        i was actually answering the question "why do people marry?" , not the question "why do people choose/want to marry?", simply because a lot of them don't choose to marry "not to mention there choice of the other half =P"

        i completely agree with you, one must have his own choices for his own reasons. following the main stream may be the easy thing to do but it is not always the right thing. in the same time i completely agree with finding ways to adapt with traditions and cultural characteristics of each society "sometimes playing around it" in order to bring evolution to this society

        as for me ... i still have no personal experience in this matter. but i guess marriage would be the normal evolution of a deep truthful supportive relationship.
        • Sep 14 2012: "but i guess marriage would be the normal evolution of a deep truthful supportive relationship"

          but you GUESS .... indeed, you guess! because you are not sure, because you do not believe and that is the reason you guess.
          in that sense I would "I guess a deep truthful supportive relationship doesn't require marriage" but here is how I am saying: "I am sure a deep truthful supportive relationship doesn't require marriage"

          first one has to be truthful to themselves, and then to think about truthful relationship.
          second truthful to ones needs and wants, belief

          I don't have experience in this field either, I am just curious to know.
          But I had experience in living with a partner (not exactly the same but close to what it is like)
      • Sep 14 2012: yes my friend ... i guess, and i will never be sure that my example would/should apply to you or any other individual. and I'm being extremely truthful when i say i guess.

        but now "i guess" i understand your question a bit more so let me ask you kindly to define exactly what you mean by the word marriage.

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