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I still wonder what drives us to take on this "never" ending commitment based on "lies" with the hope of living happy-ever-after fiction.

any experienced expert in this field?

what I think is this:

1. they both are sick and tired hanging on phones all day long and waiting for their date who arrive after being late al least 24 minutes or do

2. they both don't know what to wear for each date, so they keep buying tasteless and unfashionable clothes to impress their partner for a couple of hours and end up having more clothes than they could ever have.

3. they both are sick and tired finding themselves eating tasteless cheeseburgers 5 AM in the middle of the street.

Who's married here?

Any one else who wants to or tried to marry or have been married?
any opinion, thoughts?


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    Sep 14 2012: In China almost 100% of the young, and sometimes even mature people, I asked want to get married. Though they don't say so directly, they want the conjugal licence to have sex that is acceptable to their peers, parents and other relatives.
    Marriage is still for the vast majority of people the only acceptable and durable institution to have regular, legal and hygienic sex.

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