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What sounds do you think are in the universe?

I would like to share with you this question because I think it is really interesting.
For example, how do you think the stars sound when they born? and black holes, planets, meteorites and different phenomenons that happen in the Universe?

Janna Levin speaks about the Soundtrack of the Universe, and I like this expression. I thank her a lot because of her talk, It´s very inspiring and that is the reason I am writing here now.

Let´s talk about the soundtrack in which we are involved!!

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    Mar 26 2011: I think it's important to realize that sound is created only when our senses provide our brain with input which can be percieved as sound. Stars exploding and black hole colliding don't make sounds, the produce vibrations of energy. If there is an entity with a sensory organ capable of percieving that energy then they might experience it as "sound", but the event itself has no sound.

    Levin repeatedly makes the fatal error in her talk (I think), she anthropomophizes the universe and the things in it. I agree that these things are fascinating and infinitley interesting, but much of the wonder is lost by the misdirect of giving physical properties of matter human capacities and personalities. And no, the poetry is not lost in this.

    The universe insn't singing, we are singing the universe.
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      Mar 28 2011: Good point, same with the tree falling down in the forest.
      I hadn't thought about this, but you are right, we are singing the universe.
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    Mar 21 2011: A very good question, Jone!

    Cracked had a nice article related to this that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago:

    I was most impressed by Saturn... however not in a good way. You have been warned!

    For some more soothing sounds I recommend either Jupiter from the article above or this on of Neptune:

    There are unfortunately too few good sites around spreading space sounds, so I would appreciate links on this!
    • Mar 22 2011: Hi Sabin,

      Thanks for your links, I have never heard any sound of the planets. I listened to your videos and It´s amazing!!
      If I find more I will send them to you.
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    Apr 19 2011: Janna Levin teve a humildade em reconhecer que outras vidas possam existir no Universo.
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    Mar 23 2011: Aah.............The Music of the Sheres.
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    Mar 22 2011: I don't know what it would sound like but I bet it smells bad..
  • Mar 21 2011: I'm not very creative when it comes to stuff like this, but it think the movie Sunshine has a lot of fantastic sounds, not to mention visuals. So I think that would be a very good movie to check out.