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How can we prepare ourselves for immortality?

So many people worry that immortality would bring so many problems, such as overpopulation, stagnation, dictators living forever, and boredom. As biotechnology advances, immortality is just on the horizon to greet us. How can we prepare our society for such a profound change?


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    Sep 15 2012: I'm going to ask a simple question. Who would even want to live that long anyways? Eventually, you brain capacity would run out and you would require some sort of computer attachment and then that would eventually run out of capacity. Biological life was never made for immortality and it should stay that way. Personally, I would just settle for an extended life span. Eventually, we will all serve our purpose in this world and will have little left to do. At that point, we should probably just return ourselves to the earth.
    • Sep 17 2012: I loved your comment.
      the life itself is a large span that sometimes we want to end up the sufferings.
      But with increasing comfort and technology IF we have a wish that we want to stay with our mother always (Just An Example) something can be done... Would you like? (As Simple)

      Immortal is something I don't really prefer at this phase of surroundings. But may be future has a better vision.

      Biologically it can be done or not (Up to Dr.) as we gt old or ill due to deficiency or increment of some cells may be hormones or like fat. But that can be controlled and in near future with brilliant ideas this can be solved out.

      Now mentally its up to individuals!

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