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What water do you drink where you live?

I am curious to get a shapshot of peoples lives. Drinking water is important to living a healthy life. I've been told drinking water varies around the world and I know it does but haven't heard directly from people what water they are drinking. I boil my drinking water and take it as tea. I live in Scotland and the drinking water quality is good. I don't buy bottled water to drink. I don't like drinking cold water. My water tastes a little metallic but is very soft. I'm proud of our water quality it has improved this year.


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  • Sep 14 2012: in Damascus, Syria water is delivered by a pipe system and it is mixed from several resources "basically groundwater" and some comes from an old river "Barada"
    Damascus is famous for water quality, but i'm afraid it is only a historical truth as the groundwater quality is really bad now due to the bad drainage system in the last 25 years. chloride is used intensively now

    water is available only few hours daily so we have to store enough for drinking "usually in small plastic tanks" and cleaning "almost 2 cubic meters daily in a metal tank on the roof of every house"
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      Sep 15 2012: After you store the water for drinking do you have to purify it more, before consumption. We also have chloride in Scotland it is a 100 year old tradition. Our problem is we have too much rain, alot of the water comes from lochs but the constant rain washes all the debris and crap off the hills into the lochs. I feel lucky to have the water we do here as I do not have to work for it daily like you do.

      How do you sterilize the small plastic tanks, do they need cleaning out often to stay clean?

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