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Is it time to step away from Religion?

There has been a great many debates on whether religion exists or doesn't, whether religion as a whole has inhibited humanity or not. With recent events it got me thinking how far would people go for their religion, especially since we now have the capabilities to destroy our planet. No one can argue the fact that religion has no doubt had a positive, though obviously some bad, effect for the advancement of mankind in the past. That said, is the negatives of it now outweighing the postivie effects it once had? And is it even possibly leading to the end of life as we know it? Would it be more benficial for humanity, on just arguements sake, to turn away from what has guided humanity for thousands of years? Please bear in mind this is purely theoretical.

(Excuse my poor grammar, fairly new to this)


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    Sep 14 2012: Religions are business ventures acquainted to insurance schemes with the difference that you expect the insurance company to pay out during your lifetime. As more explanations of natural phenomena become available and readily accessible via the internet and other channels thus demystifying nature most religions become redundant. Some might just be seen as a sort of back insurance that doesn't hurt, but that has no real function.

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