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In which branches nanotechnology is needed and gets benefited from it .

Space science,Electronic biochips,Agriculture and food processing,Infrastructure,Energy,Healthcare,Molecular nanotechnology

Nanotechnology harm to environment. Is it ?

  • Sep 13 2012: I think it is insofar dangerous, that their size advantage is a danger for living organisms. A big threat for many organs in the body is not the big things that enter the body, but the small things that get through any barrier. And we must admit, that nano parts will not be stopped from entering organisms. As they are artificial, it has to be seen how the organisms deal with that. The chance is not so high that biological evolution will speed up like the technical evolution.

    It could also be that they do no harm and just get in and out the organism, but if they stay in the organism, and you do not get them out or they create infections, than we have trouble.

    So probably it is just useful when you can tell the nano parts were to move. We did not manage that with bacteria and viruses, who are way bigger than nano, but still so small.

    So nano technology is probably what was atomic technology. At beginning we all painted a bright shiny future were anything went atomic. We quickly realized that the small advantages did not outweigh the dangers, and today atomic energy is used, but in in much smaller dimensions than what was expected.

    Same gonna happen with nano technology, as it is great in theory, but the danger can't be properly handled.