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Why IEEE papers are not free?

IEEE is having the biggest database of papers and journals. All those papers are accessible only to it's members and on a payment basis. Why are they not providing the information free of cost. Dont you feel information and knowledge are to be shared? Like we get free inspiration from ted.

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    Gail .

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    Sep 13 2012: I happen to agree with you, but I am not a capitalist. Capitalism puts money ahead of human welfare.
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    Sep 13 2012: Are you thinking that the staff who assemble and manage the data base should not be compensated for their time and work at all because their work involves gathering and indexing information and then maintaining it so it can be accessed by users? That this sort of work does not merit compensation in the way other work typically does?

    Have you noticed that they will give you thirty days of free access?
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    Sep 13 2012: IEEE is a private organization. i doN't know if they receive government funding, but if not, they charge as much for their services as they please.
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    Sep 13 2012: There is no such thing as "Free of cost". TED is not free of cost - have you tried to attend any Ted conference? What you must talk about is who pays and who receives. Just like public schools - they are not free of cost.

    On the actual question - i am sure there are incurred costs in preparing the papers you talked about. . If it is given to you free of charge - it means they have to cover the research cost hence no incentive to for more research. Stop looking for free stuffs . . . nothing is free.