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If you had the undivided attention of your country's leaders for an hour (they are busy people) which TEDTalks would you show them?

When watching TEDTalks I often wish I could show this to policy makers. I think if I had the attention of politicians on a national level I'd concentrate on education, as every new government changes the curriculum to reflect their own values, and those kids will have to save the planet and pay my pension, so I want them to get a good education!

Stephen Ritz (although he is a double whammy of education and greening cities), Salman Khan, Arthur Benjamin, Sugata Mitra

And for local politicians I'd chose talks on making cities greener.

Majora Carter, Pam Warhurst, Eduardo Paes. Robert Hammond


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    Sep 15 2012: Honestly, most of them know and are aware of advanced technologies. I am always amazed as to how much is kept hidden from humanity- intentionally.

    There has been things invented years ago to make energy free and affordable. The true rulers of the countries don't want that information out though, it would not put more money in their pockets, therefore it is kept hidden. It would eliminate the dependency on fossil fuels, electricity, etc.

    Just some thought. And to be honest, do the politicians really care about us? I don't believe they do.

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