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If you had the undivided attention of your country's leaders for an hour (they are busy people) which TEDTalks would you show them?

When watching TEDTalks I often wish I could show this to policy makers. I think if I had the attention of politicians on a national level I'd concentrate on education, as every new government changes the curriculum to reflect their own values, and those kids will have to save the planet and pay my pension, so I want them to get a good education!

Stephen Ritz (although he is a double whammy of education and greening cities), Salman Khan, Arthur Benjamin, Sugata Mitra

And for local politicians I'd chose talks on making cities greener.

Majora Carter, Pam Warhurst, Eduardo Paes. Robert Hammond


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    Sep 15 2012: I don't know if there is a TED presentation on this subject but I would search for one that explains the damage that sociopaths do to society through their cynical pursuit of power over other people, devoid of empathy for the suffering of others.

    A horrific proportion (way more than 50%) of politicians and other people with power are sociopaths. It is not hard to understand this since their sociopathology is on display 24/7. Think about the terrible suffering they inflict with their narrow, greedy policies designed to reward the elites and punish the 99%. It is quite clear that they simply do not care how much other people suffer. This is the defining characteristic of sociopathology. Of course a part of their syndrome is that they don't care if I show them a TED talk on that subject but you did ask.

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