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Do you support unrestricted Immigration?

I do.

Restriction of people, if you come to think of it, makes no sense from a social standpoint. How can you restrict the movement of someone to a geographical fiction called Nation? YES the Nation state is a fiction but that is not what we are discussing here.

From an economic standpoint, free movement of people is the only way to achieve Factor price equalization and true free trade which will benefit all.

From a political standpoint – it is a way of achieving peace just as European Union has brought peace to the EU.

It will lead to a reduction of wages from the more advanced country – globalization is already doing that. That is part of the Factor price equalization by Paul Samuelson.

Do you? and why?


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  • Sep 21 2012: well i only had 5 minutes to look lol and not all are in the papers as the papers are censored...
    • Sep 21 2012: It's easy to speak like that when you haven't suffered all the injustices of the third world. They don't run away; it's just matter of survival.

      With all due respect.

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