Will Cady

Content Marketing, Source Audio LLC

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Portholes: A public spaces social art installment with an interactive video display featuring a live-stream camera feed of a distant twin.

The display seeks to explore the possibilities of sudden global connections between individuals and crowds in public spaces. By creating a virtual porthole for people to peer into the supposedly mundane scenes of other cultures and to interact with those on the other side could enhance a global sense of empathy.

In basic use, the display could provide a person in New York City to have a casual interaction with someone in Dubai...or even Kibera, Nairobi (site of TEDxKibera). Voice translation could allow them to interact and a social media overlay could give them an opportunity to make their connection more permanent.

Another level of use is for a street performer to share their talent with another countries public. An online pay service like PayPal with a corresponding smart phone app could facilitate donations.

Also, an organization like TED could use the displays as a soapbox to broadcast important lectures, performances or events.