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How can you make online grocery shopping more attractive? - is 3D technology an option?

Current online grocery shopping platforms are inconvenient, use small visuals and offer a tedious experience.

Are there ways that online grocery shopping can become more interactive? Would people prefer a 3D game-like shopping experience or a ‘real-life’ experience that they would receive in a physical grocery store?

Why hasn’t 3D technology taken off when the technology has been around for a few years now? Is 3D technology to solution?


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    Sep 16 2012: I agree with @erudite explorer. 3D doesn't solve the problem that we want to feel, knock, smell our produce. Or we want to work with people we trust to take care of that for us. Its an expectations issue. If produce were super consistent like a McDonalds hamburger we could use 3D technology to help encourage people to purchase it, but then no one would want it, because... well, it had become a McDonald's cheeseburger instead of the organic living thing it was meant to be.

    Groceries on the whole are different than produce. I think we (Relay Foods http://relayfoods.com, on the East Coast) are handling this better than others at the moment, but there is SO much to learn all around. It's a bridge that has to be crossed, and won't be for everyone, but we've already found that the convenience of getting locally grown, healthy food, alongside your everyday groceries collected and delivered to you is something people are really excited about.
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      Sep 18 2012: I definitely also agree that the technology at the moment is not that far in order to be able to simulate feels, smells or similar product aspects. But who knows, technology might be able to solve these issues soon.

      In terms of the Relay Foods: I really like the look and feel of the Homepage, but have a question to the business model. As far as I understand, Farmers pick the fruits for the customers, so they won't have this experience of self picking either? How did you achieve that customers "trust" you to pick the right ones?

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