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How can you make online grocery shopping more attractive? - is 3D technology an option?

Current online grocery shopping platforms are inconvenient, use small visuals and offer a tedious experience.

Are there ways that online grocery shopping can become more interactive? Would people prefer a 3D game-like shopping experience or a ‘real-life’ experience that they would receive in a physical grocery store?

Why hasn’t 3D technology taken off when the technology has been around for a few years now? Is 3D technology to solution?


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  • Sep 13 2012: It is about delivery.

    With all the search agents out there, perhaps you could set up a list of standard items you always buy, set delivery schedule, and then check for best price vs delivery costs.

    There will always be a desire to go and buy the different items that make life enjoyable directly.
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      Sep 13 2012: Do you think a 3D-real life like experience could give you that feeling that you descried in your last sentence? Or is this too early? Generation Z and Y(partly) grew up with the internet and use it for everything. They communicate online, play online, hang out online, don't you think they would maybe also like to shop online? it's convenient, they have more time for themselves etc.?
      • Sep 14 2012: Could? Yes.

        It is too early and it may be a long while before folks give up the sensations associated with going to the food market for an ant-septic experience. The smell of fresh baked good, fish, fruit, and coffee are not easiily simulated and some enjoy the sensory stimulation.

        There are folks like germophobes, crowd haters, anti-social types, couch potatoes, invalids or disabled, geriatric, etc. that might jump at the chance for such technology, but there are many that like the trip to market for other reasons. Being able to be surprised by a sale, find a new thing to try, get just the right cut of meat or piece of fruit, etc. really enjoy the experience.

        We are spending a lot of time in front of computers in other areas of life now. perhaps thsi one will wait a while...

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