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How can you make online grocery shopping more attractive? - is 3D technology an option?

Current online grocery shopping platforms are inconvenient, use small visuals and offer a tedious experience.

Are there ways that online grocery shopping can become more interactive? Would people prefer a 3D game-like shopping experience or a ‘real-life’ experience that they would receive in a physical grocery store?

Why hasn’t 3D technology taken off when the technology has been around for a few years now? Is 3D technology to solution?


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    Sep 13 2012: What you're asking for is more about the design of the user experience.

    So, where does one perform online grocery shopping? What is one's objective in grocery shopping? What is the purpose for making grocery shopping online or making it 3D? Why would one want to shop for groceries online rather than in real life? Why would one want to shop for groceries in real life rather than online?
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      Sep 13 2012: I agree it's all about answering these questions. But I was more looking at retailers that have an existing platform and assumed they did their groundwork right.
      I believe the online shopping objective is to home-deliver groceries (or whatever product) in order to save time and for convenience.
      If you have a look at current online shopping pages however, they are tedious and most of the time you hardly find the product if you don't know the brand or its name.
      I believe 3D technology could catch people who never shopped online before because they weren't happy with the technique, were not born in the internet generation, or were simply not interested in online shopping because it didn't offer an experience.
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        Sep 14 2012: So how exactly would making it 3D improve the shopping experience for shoppers? What does 3D have to offer that previous 2D didn't? What does 2D offer that 3D doesn't have?

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