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How can you make online grocery shopping more attractive? - is 3D technology an option?

Current online grocery shopping platforms are inconvenient, use small visuals and offer a tedious experience.

Are there ways that online grocery shopping can become more interactive? Would people prefer a 3D game-like shopping experience or a ‘real-life’ experience that they would receive in a physical grocery store?

Why hasn’t 3D technology taken off when the technology has been around for a few years now? Is 3D technology to solution?


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    Sep 13 2012: I believe if you combined 3D technology with a good and efficient search function you could make a customers life much easier. Just imagine rather than having a list of products with tiny pictures where you have to click through 10 pages in order to find your product (because you might not know what type of toothpaste you are looking for) you're standing in front of a virtual shelf where you exactly know where your product is... ? I think this would have potential if it's not too much 2nd Life like.

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