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How can you make online grocery shopping more attractive? - is 3D technology an option?

Current online grocery shopping platforms are inconvenient, use small visuals and offer a tedious experience.

Are there ways that online grocery shopping can become more interactive? Would people prefer a 3D game-like shopping experience or a ‘real-life’ experience that they would receive in a physical grocery store?

Why hasn’t 3D technology taken off when the technology has been around for a few years now? Is 3D technology to solution?


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    Sep 13 2012: Thank you for this link. It is definitely related, as it falls in the categories of Online / mobile shopping. Although most of my interest lays on how to make online shopping more attractive a system that combines online and mobile shopping could be a solution. Any other comments or opinions?
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      Sep 13 2012: More integration and automation. You could input the age, sex, weight and special diet needs of the people that you're feeding so the proper amount of food per week is assured. You could have a virtual market where you can pick out what you like and then have the software recommend ways to save money and/or eat healthier as well as make recipe suggestions. The mobile could snap pics of barcodes so that anything you find in "the wild" can be added to the likes list. The software can learn the likes and needs of the household and become a fully automated shopping assistant.
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        Sep 13 2012: I like the concept of software that learns... but my question with this is would anyone afford to implement such a software? And what do you think of a 3D environment? Is it too much game like or do you think people would like to have an shopping experience that "hits home" and is close to real life but still quick?
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          Sep 13 2012: I think that a 3d virtual grocery store would be cool, but more of a gimmick than a functional feature. After all, one of the best parts about shopping online for most people is not having to go to the store. I'm not sure that you'll find too many people that enjoy grocery shopping enough that an immersive 3d simulation sounds like fun.

          This wouldn't be the first time today that I was wrong.

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