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Romney's verbal attack on our President, over the Libyan terrorist strike at our embassy, border's on a stupid variety of treason

Nobody blamed Pres. Bush for the 9/11 attack. Nor was anyone blamed for the initial 90's terrorist attack in NY City.
But it is (at the very least) infantile foolishness to blame the US, in any manner, for attacks on its embassies. It is the internatilnally accepted obligation of various host countries to protect all diplomatic personnel, and all our embassies are legally considered to be US territory,
Whenever and wherever the US is attacked, patriots should unite to protect us (US!) all.


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    Sep 15 2012: There is a very wide ocean between us and them. Their arrows and rocks can't reach us.
    • Sep 15 2012: Wide Ocean???
      Didn't stop America haters' determination to damage us-- 9/11, remember?, abetted by typical lousy bureaucratic Intelligence work by our untouchables. Reminds me, a good while after the Soviets shot down Powers, those untouchables still sacrificed another U-2 (over Cuba). Good for Goof-ups, damn near all bureaucracies.

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