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If I want to add quick quiz to my flipped video, how do you do that? I would love any suggestions or help!

I have just created a video and I am trying to create a flipped lesson. However, when I am in the editing phase, it doesn't allow me to create a "quick quiz" but once it has been published, it shows that it should have been a possibility. Am I missing a step? Where would I be able to add a quick quiz? Also, is there a way to see student data collectively, meaning more that one student at a time or a way to export the data into a spreadsheet? I would love any and all feedback!

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    Sep 13 2012: Hi Terra,

    You didn't miss a step! Currently, there isn't a way to add quick quiz questions to your video. We're currently testing the creation of custom quick quiz questions and we will be launching that feature in the next few weeks. One thing to note is we're also adding the ability to go back and edit lessons that you've created so if you have a lesson now and want to add quick quiz questions to it down the line, you'll be able to do so no problem.

    With regards to seeing student data collectively, one of the big things we're working on is overhauling the student activity page. If you have any specific suggestions for things you'd like to see, please let us know!

    Finally, in terms of exporting students' responses into a spreadsheet, we will be adding the ability to export/save a CSV of all the student responses sometime in the next few months.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.