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We are nothing but projections to others and so we are different with all as the moment we talk to someone we get influenced that moment

When we think of ourselves we get confused, don't we?
But we have a clear picture of others, so why is it?
Aren't we the one closest to ourselves, than why this confusion.

Now to answer these questions lets explore how we know each other:
Arent we someone with respect to someone or something. This context is very essential to our being, our existence. We know either people like us, hate us, ignore us or behave with us in certain manner which is unique to our interaction with those people.
Hence every time we think of ourselves, we put ourselves in shoes of someone else and than think, now either we get positive or negative about our own self depending on the person you chose to see yourself from. Than we switch the people and think again, taking the context of situation and person we wish to see ourselves from.
So we keep doing this till we are convinced that we know ourselves while what we have done actually is that we collected good number of opinions ourselves and hence got much more confused.
The important thing here is to remember that we are also someone in absolute, though we were developed and shaped by the environment around us still there are few core values and instinctive behavior which does not change with the context and hence remain the same always.

So when you sit down next time to think of your self, take a step back, get an empty room, sit there for sometime alone, and identify those basic instincts that you have which have always been there and which always remain same no matter whom you are talking with, where you are or how that person influences you.
Once you know that, you know self