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Overthrow of DSM -V

Great talk and badly needed ideas to stem out-of-control cost of mental health diagnosis and treatment, made worse by reluctance of profession to incorporate latest neuroscience findings. My nonprofit "Neuroscience - Now" is focused on carrying out Dr. Patel's ideas..


Closing Statement from raymond vazquez

Yes, it is time for a revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of the major forms of Mental Disorders but the revolution must start both within the field of psychiatry and from the neurosciences pushing from the out side. Either way BIG PHARMA cannot dictate the direction of this revolution it should play a role as facilitator of innovative ideas from academia and professional psychiatric associations.

I do not want to "throw out the baby out with the bath water" therapist on the front lines dealing with mental disorders have acquired vast store houses of empirical evidence on what forms of treatment work for a given individual. On the other hand, major organizations like the "Society of Neuroscience" in contact with mental health professional, congress and nonprofits must play a role in any grass roots effort to upgrade the entire field of Mental Health treatment, the results will be reduction in cost, suffering and increased compassion for those in need based on the scientific method. Please take a look at my website "http://neurosciencenow.org/" it takes a practical approach in making my prior points real...thanks a lot for all the thoughtful comments...

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  • Sep 15 2012: The major problem with the book is the labeling issue. If I were to be label as a person with a mental disorder, I would be treated in a completely different way. This treatment, may in fact, be detrimental to the individual. However, I think the DSM- V is useful as background information. In other words, it should not be the key diagnostic tool to evaluate the patient.
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      Sep 16 2012: I fully agree with you. The larger problem is that DSM logic does not incorporate cause as part of its diagnosis. Therefore, mental disorders can replicate out of control. BIOMARKERS (e.g. level of neurotransmitters, cortisol concentration,gene variants coding important proteins in the nervous system etc.) are absolutely critical for diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, neuroscience cannot precisely relate biological markers with human psychological states at this time but wait in combination with DSM logic we will make tremendous strides in treating mental disorders.
      • Sep 17 2012: If you want to apply this biological component, you have to ask yourself how can it be added?

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