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There is a new start-up attempting this! Project Toe! is an early stage start-up that focuses on creating a platform to allow average people to help one another. Since the launch of our beta website, we have seen traction from individuals wanting to help individuals from around the world.

Right now, focuses specifically on people with self-harming issues. When you have the urge to self-harm, you click "Toe." If you want to help someone during an urge as a way of distraction, you click "Help Someone."

Check out an interview below that explains the story a little more, and discusses a little about what the future holds.

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    Sep 12 2012: Hey that would be interesting

    What if there was an organization that consists of an organized and nomadic volunteer workers to help out each city they go to for various tasks like help construct houses, farming, musical performances or whatever, etc.

    What if you became a volunteer worker for a living and just travelled with your organization of volunteers everywhere you go to help out people? That would be an incredibly fun adventure and it would help a ton.

    As for where funding, no idea where that's gonna come from... lol
    • Sep 12 2012: James,

      there is a project called, WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

      many young people, manly students join to this program, they travel, stay at farmers places and do some voluntary work. Kind of exchange thing.

      check the website I gave you.

      Take care, Superman! :-)

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        Sep 13 2012: Nice, thx for sharing, I shall check it out, I may even be interested in it even...

        Superman out...