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Automatic Pardon after 7 years for Non-repeat offenders.

At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release.The debate is after being convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, first offenders being provided an automatic pardon after 7 years. Without this debate many first time offenders are turned away from employment opportunities. Many individuals have lead productive life's 20 years later. Returned to school to receive degrees and continue to have one mistake in judgement haunt their employment ability for the rest of their life.

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    Sep 13 2012: You use the word "pardon". Do you actually mean to remove all historical record of the offense so that the offender has a clean record? They are two different things so you need to clarify what your question is.
  • Sep 12 2012: Hello,
    Yes, I can see this possibility. I know at least one who served a short term and has led a normal and productive life. Each case is different, but law should allow for this if a professional staff agrees a person is a good candidate.

    Mercy can be a powerful tool for turning a life into a productive citizen.
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    Sep 14 2012: In almost every state upon completion of sentence of a first time offender his rights ae restored atomtically. As Edward asks below please be more specifc. There are Pardons, set aside, vacated, expungements, etc each is different.