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What will bill gates be doing in the next 100 years if he is just born (11/09/2012).

We all know people who were capable of taking advantage of their environment and identified opportunities that others didn't see coming and growing into world leaders. But is it just about timing or there are more factors involved in their achievement.

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    Sep 11 2012: He was a business minded person,he was out to corner the medium when he hassled Woznyiak and the others for their innovations before their businesses took off and they were young.
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      Sep 11 2012: No matter the controversial things he did in the past, what he's doing now is something I respect highly.
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        Sep 11 2012: If he was born today i doubt he will have risen to where he got himself today.you could be where he is now if you want to but you would have to do what he did with his partner,live it 24 hrs everyday,that's the only way to play the game because that's all it is.

        There's nothing wrong with what he's doing now,i'm waiting for zuckerberg to step into that circle of movers,it's inevitable, like a change of scenery,been there, now try this,there are so many movers that don't want the spotlight that has risen to the same level as those guys,you just don't see them.
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          Sep 11 2012: I think Gates would be in cybernet security or just some computer science genius. Not sure if he would go into corporate business though...

          Indeed, I know Mark keeps saying that Facebook isn't supposed to be business-driven but a platform for the good of society, but in a tough situation he can easily appear as a nasty hypocrite.

          But I still don't like how Facebook does things though. Not a big fan of the do things discretely first, ask for forgiveness later.
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        Sep 12 2012: Mind you,he did say genetics would have been his choice if he didn't have MS and realized it was the next big thing.James what do you see as a new and exciting area to try your hand at?
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          Sep 12 2012: So Gates would be a genetic engineer then, coding a dna strand is basically like another programming language.

          Augmented Reality, Google Glasses, fully integrated social media mobile devices, driverless car, genetic engineering, controlling a bunch of hardware with your mind, quantum computing.
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    Sep 11 2012: Bill Gates was an incredibly logical and technical person. He liked machines and was an incredible coder and problem solver.

    He also has a huge desire to improve society with all his talents and ideologies and he also has a lot of hobbies like reading a ton of books and stuff.