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Conductivity through metals and resistance developed in it

I understand that there is high potential difference and so the current flows. A metal conducts electricity only when it is not stable. So, because of high potential difference we can make a metal to conduct. But what I wonder is in practical usage, why don’t those atoms in the metal which are in bonds with another elements takeup these excessive electrons which are flowing on to it (as current: its flow though metal) and become stable. If it happens so, on usage every conductor should gradually turn into heavy resistive metal.

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    Sep 12 2012: Did you know that the absolutely best conductor - that will transform technology as we know it, because it is heat resistant - is the blue diamond (because it contains so much boron). Diamonds are now being created in the laboratory. They are stronger than any natural diamond known to man. One such diamond broke the machine that was testing it to find its breaking point. Coming to your laptop and smart phone very soon. Then things will speed up incredibly because there is no need to slow things down to protect the silicon chips from heat degradation.