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How many times do you search for product reviews online ?

With the growing influence of information available on the digital platform it has become a growing trend to just "GOOGLE IT" How many times do you actually end up reseraching product reviews online ? and if so for what kinds of products ?

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    Gail .

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    Sep 13 2012: I always do the research before buying something new to me
  • Sep 11 2012: I try to look for reviews on Youtube, as the "living" product gives the best example what it can do and what not. And funnily i buy less since i do that, because i can see other people use the things and this helps me to think if i can really use that in my daily life. Before this was possible, i often bought things which turned out to be something i neither needed nor really liked to use.

    Its also changing the impact of commercial advertisement i think. Think about mobile phone advertisement, what makes smartphones look pretty cool, like a must have thing. When you watch videos of these in real use, than they mostly do not appear any much special, and also negative sides show up pretty fast.
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    Sep 11 2012: Depends on what the product category is....