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A posting of tributes to a great Designer.

For those who notice the letter "D" in TED. We lost a great Designer this last week. Say something kind about Bill Moggridge and hold your laptops high-- after all, he designed the first one. See brainpicking.org for a brief bio.

Also, there is a very informative post on the TED Blog.

Closing Statement from edward long

Adios Bill! Thanks for pushing the envelope. We will be seeing good products for years to come because you established a better way of humanizing the design process. I hope you get some cool things named after you. Thanks Salim and James for your respect for Bill and for being willing to learn what the old man had to say.

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    Sep 11 2012: On his "Good Bye" mission Hats off, for HIM the innovative soul.....wishing eternal peace for Bill.....

    Thanks Edward , for making me aware of such a great designer.
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      Sep 11 2012: You are welcome Salim. Put one of his books on your reading list, you won't be sorry.
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    Sep 11 2012: Thanks for bringing this to attention, Edward, I never knew about him before, but apparently Bill Moggridge practically started interaction design as well as the design for the Laptop. I'm also a guy who always thinks about interaction design and thinks that the world needs more of it.

    It makes you wonder why someone like him isn't getting that much media attention like other famous people out there and their deaths.
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      Sep 11 2012: He did not seek the spotlight but left an enduring legacy. He left the planet better than he found it. Happily, we can all keep learning from him.