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Do you have a suggestion as to well-known masters degree programs for Education Technology Integration into the K-12 setting?

I am a high school special education teacher in the state of MI. I am in need of/wanting to get my masters in Education Technology Integration into the K-12 setting, however because it is such a new degree and a specific concentration, I am wondering if there are any suggestions as to a good school to attend? With the Michigan Merit Common Core Curriculum requiring all testing to be done on computers in, I think, 2014-2015, it would be advantageous to begin acquainting students with special needs to testing on computers/ipads/tablets/etc. so the new format does not result in unreliable results for our Special Education population.

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    Sep 11 2012: Georgia Tech - Computational Media Major

    That would be my major :). We study and analyze digital technology and media in general, and we learn some basic computer science.