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How does arrogance compare with confidence?

Multiple question, question. =)

How would you define a person who is arrogant, then how would you define a confident person?

How can each hold their own positive and negative qualities?

Since arrogance is socially considered a bad trait; how would you humble a person/yourself if they/you are/were arrogant? Looking for "success" stories.

Not much to say, but just peaked my interest as I looked at some personality charts that passed my view online.


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  • Sep 30 2012: I believe that an arrogant person is one who believes she is above all and can never fail or make mistakes in an endeavour while a confident person has faith in her abilities but doesn't go on and on about being superior to all. So basically, she has a good opinion of herself but refuses to accept the fact that success is absolute. She knows failure can come, but is ready to tackle it and move on while an arrogant one believes failure can never come to her, ever.

    I frankly don't know if confidence has any negative qualities but arrogance, I can go on and on about, after all, we've all grown up believing it to be a bad trait as you said. And it is too, but if it's intensity is reduced to minimal then it can be as good as confidence for you.

    Talking about humbling an arrogant person, we can't do much about them as they already think themselves as superior to us and won't really bother to listen. Getting a taste of their own medicine will only increase the arrogance. But if they face the consequences of their arrogance, such as general dislike from others or failure due to overconfidence in their abilities, they might change. Can't say it will work for narcissists though.

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