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How does arrogance compare with confidence?

Multiple question, question. =)

How would you define a person who is arrogant, then how would you define a confident person?

How can each hold their own positive and negative qualities?

Since arrogance is socially considered a bad trait; how would you humble a person/yourself if they/you are/were arrogant? Looking for "success" stories.

Not much to say, but just peaked my interest as I looked at some personality charts that passed my view online.


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      Sep 29 2012: I liked the link Don! Thank you very much! =)
    • Sep 29 2012: The more a person stands up for themselves could also cause more grief. Situations can be sensitive. One person standing up for themselves alone could be seen as arrogance by the many, not an ideal situation for anyone to be in. Being the dog backed into the corner would not raise self esteem but probably just lower it and increase anger.


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