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How does arrogance compare with confidence?

Multiple question, question. =)

How would you define a person who is arrogant, then how would you define a confident person?

How can each hold their own positive and negative qualities?

Since arrogance is socially considered a bad trait; how would you humble a person/yourself if they/you are/were arrogant? Looking for "success" stories.

Not much to say, but just peaked my interest as I looked at some personality charts that passed my view online.


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  • Sep 29 2012: 1) The arrogent person will hear you say the apple is green, see the apple is green, but turn around and firmly tell you and everyone that the apple is red. The confident person will listen to you talk about the green apple, pick up the green apple, and explain to you and everyone else why they believe the apple is red.

    2) It is not a question of the audience deciding wether the apple is green or red, it is up to the speaker to convince us. That is the beauty of personality and how the speaker can decidethe best way to send their message and portray themselves as either/ or.

    3) I wouldn't try and humble anyone, who am I to judge.

    My friend once told me, there is not a truth but truths.
    There are many truths that cross our paths, and even though we are all talking about the same apple, your apple may be green, his apple may be red, but mine is red with a few flecks of green.
    Excuse the metaphorics, it's just what came to mind so I hope it makes sense :)
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      Sep 30 2012: That was beautifully put Carla! Thank you for your clear imagery! I am glad you shared your explanation of the red apple with a few flecks of green. =)

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