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Ask a stranger or follower to make ending Nuclear Weapons a Trend ? will you do you part today ? For people who give a damn.

Trying to do my part and pay it foward to the future with out Nuclear Weapons will you help me ? Ted Members Facebook And Twitter please make this possible meida should care way more and so should you all. this is for people who give a damn.

  • Sep 12 2012: Asking doesn't work. People who fight religious wars believe they right enough to die for those beliefs. It boils down to a war of ideals think cold war. It is possible but unlikely. Debate and education is key. If we can intelligently and logically express our religious ideals a agreement to disagree can be made. I can believe you are wrong however and can also understand your prospective and thus better communicate to you. The end of religious conflict requires everyone involved to be seen as human then their chosen religion. Sadly this isn't always possible and is often hindered by religions. Muslims calling non-musliums infidels and Jew using the term gentile to describe all non-Jews are two great examples. I am sure that their are more examples and not everyone does this but dehumanization of people not in your chosen religion puts you in dangerous territory.
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    Sep 12 2012: I see you have changed the title and opening text.

    Some forms of religion seems to exacerbate tribalism. It has the potential to add heat to a situation when you think you have the absolute truth, or that the creator of the universe has designated you some real estate.

    Having said that, the end or moderation of religion will not end all conflict, but it might help.

    I guess sometimes religion is co-opted for political or economic purposes. Other times religion is central to the issue, or is a causal factor.

    While I support freedom of religion within limits, even though I think they are all man made with imagined gods, I don't see how you can have religion and absolutely avoid all the negatives.
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    Sep 11 2012: You know, is like the ultimate form of transparent news coverage. They don't call it the front page of the internet for nothing.

    However, one of its biggest flaws is the credibility of the news sources.

    The other flaw imo is that due to its community and due to the design and way reddit is marketed, the demographics is 80% male young adults.
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    Sep 11 2012: Wouldn't that be nice. But free men will say what they will.
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    Sep 10 2012: Solidus, It is an unfortunate fact that the media has no conscience. They will do anything to sell papers / time / advertisement .... in short the bottom line is money. The written press will publish a unconfirmed story because the law says they can say I'm sorry and not be libel. They can print a lie in big bold print on page one that will ruin your life and say I am sorry on page 32 with very small print.

    The second part of the problem you outline is that religious wars attempt to use the media themselves plus we now have radical warriors who do big and destructive acts of violance. The acts of 911 would have sent the US to war in the past. The "enemy" was proud of their "strike" into the belly of the beast. They have declared war on the US and all non-believers shall die.

    Now my question to you would be is the media provoking the wars. That the media makes sometimes wild and unconfirmed reports is not in question. Religious wars have existed for thousands of years and most of them in the same region.

    The media should report on these actions and cannot ignore their existance however, they did not start them and that they fan them is suspect. I hold religious leaders responsible in this case. To be fair not all religious leaders are radical in their pursuits.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Sep 11 2012: "Now my question to you would be is the media provoking the wars."

      Only if provoking wars sell, and unfortunately it does...
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    Sep 10 2012: Can you explain? I'm not sure what you are trying to say.
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    Sep 10 2012: Ahh oh I got it, stop watching the media.