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why do not our calendars have dates for man ?

March 8: International Women's Day...
25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women...
5 May: World Day of the Midwife...
May 12: International Day of the nurse(female)...
mother's day (most commonly in March, April, or May)...
My question is where will we end racism and discrimination against man ?
is this fair ?


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    Mar 24 2011: Hi Ahmed,In many countries everyday is man's day. You speak of respect and of admiration of men when in the whole history of humanity women have only been able to become full persons in the last 100 years and only in some countries. Even though we have proven our dedication and intelligence.As a mother of 4 sons and one daughter- i love them all and want them all to have fulfilled and successful lives.I do not want my daughter's life to be defined by a few days a year.Would you say that women have equal rights in Morocco?
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      Mar 24 2011: I can easly answer your question Debra because i sometimes feel ashame to sau i am a man and women where i am living have more than equal rights and as i am living in an undeveloped country i respresnt men living there and i say with an up voice "IT'S NOT FAIR THAT YOU MAY HAVE DATES TROUGH THE YEAR AND WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE DAY THAT CELEBRATE MAN"
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        Mar 24 2011: I have no desire to upset you as your use of ALL CAPITALS suggests that I have. Other posts have indicated that other countries have days dedicated to fathers and other men. You rejected those examples because they were not universal. Most of these celebrations started locally and expanded. If you are thrilled with being a man and feel that you wish to celebrate it do not wait for others to do what you are finding is so urgent. Start with Morocco and then propose it to the UN. I did some reading about women's rights in Morocco and it appears that there has been some great progress in the past few years. I hope that the progress will continue for all of your people.Insha'Allah or God willing.

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