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why do not our calendars have dates for man ?

March 8: International Women's Day...
25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women...
5 May: World Day of the Midwife...
May 12: International Day of the nurse(female)...
mother's day (most commonly in March, April, or May)...
My question is where will we end racism and discrimination against man ?
is this fair ?


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    Mar 21 2011: Ahmed,

    I too taught few days ago and had a small discussion with my friends here.

    We don't have specific Man's day as world was ruled by men, all the time.
    At once these men felt to bring women in this developing world and world women day is celebrated
    to encourage and salute women's contribution to society.

    recently many other days are celebrated, as just to remind our people about the problems faced by women and thus changing people's mind towards them and respect them equally.
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      Mar 21 2011: i really liked what you said but i hope women respect us as we do

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