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why do not our calendars have dates for man ?

March 8: International Women's Day...
25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women...
5 May: World Day of the Midwife...
May 12: International Day of the nurse(female)...
mother's day (most commonly in March, April, or May)...
My question is where will we end racism and discrimination against man ?
is this fair ?


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    Mar 21 2011: Ahmed,

    there is a Men's World Day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men%27s_World_Day
    And we also celebrate Father's Day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father%27s_Day
    Nurses can also be male and I can't find a hint where they say it's only for female nurses.... etc.

    I am not a friend of these special days. I don't know if they're really helpful. But I certainly think that, if that's the only area where men are discriminated, you can be lucky to be a man. The reason why these international days for men are not so well known is - maybe - because men just don't need them as much as women do?
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      Mar 21 2011: Men's World Day is dated 2000 and it's not a world day because it is not celebrated all over the world and so as the father's day
    • Apr 5 2011: Hi Katja,

      Thank you for your information about Men's World Day. I didn't know that Men's World Day existed, and now I'm glad that I've read all about it on Wikipedia.

      The role of Men's World Day is to criticize males:
      "...understanding that "the testosterone influenced brain of men" is the main reason for men's violent nature"
      "...that Men's World Day not be conceived as a day to celebrate men but rather a day of introspection and self-criticism."

      A remainder that being a male, we are evil.

      This is essentially what it means to be male. Be strong. Don't show emotion. Any emotion you show will be either dismissed or ridiculed. Carry the world. You are the problem. It's your fault your mother doesn't make more money. It's your fault that your wife is stressed out. You don't work hard enough. All you ever do is work. You are the reason everything is wrong in the world. Don't complain about it! You are lucky!! You are a male. You are lucky, we are going to criticize you for it and every turn, and you can't do a damn thing about it because you are a MALE, and you just have to take it.

      Women around me make plenty more money than I do. I see women getting promoted in front of me because they are women. I see women getting preferential treatment in stores, restaurants, government agencies. I get absolutely zero sympathy; because I'm a male.

      I pay more than my female counterparts on a date. I buy things for her when we go shopping. I spend more money on rent. I've actually been told that "this is my duty" as a male - to pay more.

      "Men get a higher salary." --> "Men pay more taxes and pay more for living expenses."
      "Men move up in a company faster." --> "Men have to shoulder more responsibility." (ie more stress)
      "Men are allowed to pursue their careers while women stay at home" --> "Men don't get to see their children growing up."

      It's hard being a female. It's also hard being a male.

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