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Both of these guys, got into Harvard Law?

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been campaigning for at least a year now... What new ideas have they come up with?

Seriously, what single policy, that either of them have, has evolved, or changed in the last year? Have neither of them had a single creative idea?... In a whole year?

Is this how you get into a good college, by never formulating new ideas? Aren't they supposed to let smart people into good universities? Shouldn't they have a new idea every week or so?

Are our leaders mentally handicapped? Almost every human being I know has tried a new weird political idea out on me in the last year. Why haven't Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Well... Obviously neither one of them is very smart... Have we got anyone else?


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    Sep 10 2012: Well, I had to do a little searching to fit your criteria of this last year. The President has spent most of his time trying to implement the innovative ideas he initially came to office with. I can see you arguing that targeting small business job creation for tax breaks isn't that innovative(even if you agree it's a good idea). The Veterans job corps- an idea to help credential veterans technical training to allow them to enter the civilian workforce, is a real innovation from this year. It's not paradigm shifting but we've seen what happens to those kind of initiatives. The Affordable Care Act was a big innovation that was politically vulnerable primarily because it was big. Most Americans like the individual parts but don't like "Obamacare". Government generally, and democracies specifically, are better at incremental change. What type of "new weird political" idea are you ready to bet the farm on?
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      Sep 10 2012: Solar concentrating desalination.

      Selling the mohave national preserve to solar investors.

      Ending the patriot act and the NDAA.

      Ending the drug war.

      Ending the cap on social security, and medicare contribution for rich people.

      Original copyright laws.

      Closing overseas millitary bases.

      An online public school system K-University.

      Placing government salaries on the same level as salaries at not for profit corporations. In other words, making people who work for the government public servants rather than middle class.

      Reducing management.

      Releasing the NASA and CIA patents denied under the Bush Administration for national security reasons.

      Legallize hemp.

      End oil subsidies.

      End corn subsidies.

      Make it illegal for the Fed to give 0% interest loans to major corporations, without telling the government.
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      Sep 10 2012: I'll give the POTUS credit for the veterans bill actually, I think that was this year. Not paradigm shifting, but it was good news. Now if only he could do something about the fact that one of his soldiers kills themself every day.

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