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Both of these guys, got into Harvard Law?

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been campaigning for at least a year now... What new ideas have they come up with?

Seriously, what single policy, that either of them have, has evolved, or changed in the last year? Have neither of them had a single creative idea?... In a whole year?

Is this how you get into a good college, by never formulating new ideas? Aren't they supposed to let smart people into good universities? Shouldn't they have a new idea every week or so?

Are our leaders mentally handicapped? Almost every human being I know has tried a new weird political idea out on me in the last year. Why haven't Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Well... Obviously neither one of them is very smart... Have we got anyone else?


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  • l aresu

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    Sep 10 2012: in order to win an election in a democratic competition (assuming that something like this actually exists, and honestly i'm not that persuaded), you must convince the majority of the society you belong to that your vision to lead this society is the best possible, or better than the other that are at stake, hence the ideas you promote must be appealing to the electors who should buy your proposal. running such a complex thing like a modern society where members have to trust you, implicates that you have to be plausible and believable. if you're too radical/original it's really hard to convince the majority you need that what you've in mind will actually work, or to do it you should be a real top seller (forgive me if i use this metaphor, it's not the way i think politics should be, but in my country we've had a top seller selling himself in such an incredibly seductive manner that even if he produced exactly nothing in 20 years, he was and still is acclaimed like if he were a messiah). one can have the most incredible ideas about politics and solutions to solve problems we live with, but even given that these ideas work, the real job is to convince the others that they will.

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