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What is the most effective and LEAST EXPENSIVE way for me to master this information quickly?

I am looking for a good, well-paying, solid job after being out of the work force for 15 years. It is proving to be very difficult. My primary goals are: IMMEDIATE: pay the bills; SHORT TERM: go to business school and earn my Masters Degrees in both Business Entrepreneurship and Business Administration; LONG TERM: either own and operate my own business or be a key part of an upstart business, whether it be a new business or a division of an international business establishing itself in the USA.


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    Sep 9 2012: OMG!!!!!!!! That is an AWESOME idea!!!!!!! I live smack in the middle of THREE high schools!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I will print up some flyers TODAY and go post them TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! OH Fritzie you are AWESOME!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Genius. Simply genius.
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      Sep 9 2012: And I can help you to design those flyers, if you want!

      Prerak Trivedi.

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