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What is the most effective and LEAST EXPENSIVE way for me to master this information quickly?

I am looking for a good, well-paying, solid job after being out of the work force for 15 years. It is proving to be very difficult. My primary goals are: IMMEDIATE: pay the bills; SHORT TERM: go to business school and earn my Masters Degrees in both Business Entrepreneurship and Business Administration; LONG TERM: either own and operate my own business or be a key part of an upstart business, whether it be a new business or a division of an international business establishing itself in the USA.

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    Sep 11 2012: My fiance and I are deeply affected by your words and by the video you sent. Deeply affected. Please feel free to share more of your wisdom and more of your resources.
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    Sep 11 2012: You fascinate me.
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    Sep 11 2012: I may have actually landed the perfect job---FINALLY!!!! It will allow me to go to school full time, stay active in my kids schools, work from home, use my talents and experience, get tuition assistance, great income, and have a career and grow with this amazing company. They really like me and have moved me to the second phase of the hiring process and have detailed the third and fourth phases for me in great detail. I laid out the sheepskin to God....maybe He is telling me He is still around.... :)
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    Sep 11 2012: Probably have a mentor, network and maybe use online education.
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    Sep 10 2012: This is truly an amazing and insightful speech. Thank you so very much for sharing!
    • Sep 11 2012: So Why do you get up in the morning everyday?

      Yes to work for the pay check, yes to put food on the table

      But that is not the real reason why we do it

      Why do I get up from bed everyday?

      I believe in thinking differently, creating simple ideas and inspiring every person in this planet.
      All my paintings, sculpting, design and everything is based on me WHY.

      If you can't find a job, then create one yourself.

      Your profile says you A world where everybody is valued as a human being

      Your job is not to set short term goals or long term goal realistically, but to set them unrealistically.
      You need to focus on the goals that is impossible to achieve.
      You need to set Unrealistic Goals that Can Serve the Greater Good

      What is my goal?

      I envision a world where is fulfilled by the work they do. I envision a world people work together more. A world where we help each other.
      A world everyone is valued as human being. I envision a world is that is world peace.

      Don't think about what might happen if you don't get the money today or next week.
      Think about doing something that is so important that it just has to get done because you know that it is a good thing for the world. Once you are focused on that goal, the monetary and moral support will come
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    Sep 10 2012: Tracy, Get there is never either cheap or fast. One of the resources in the US that is often overlook is the Small Bussiness Association. These are people who have been there and done that. There are classes for small business owners.

    There are no jobs that do not teach us something. The real trick here is to learn something every day. Bad managers are a tool to better leadership. To much or to little inventory are things to keeep in mind. Target population and shift in public demand are valuable tools. Use the educational tools and the gift of common sense in your quest. I do not know anyone who started as a KEY part of anything. I know many who made the job theirs through hard work and demonstrated results. These are the people who are reconized and rewarded.

    Good luck. Bob.
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    Sep 9 2012: Realistically, in formal situations, I do not use caps and exclamation points, so don't worry. In casual situations I use caps, exclamation points, and otherwise ignore proper capitalization and punctuation....sorry. :) I am 38 years old and present myself very well, am well educated and knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, and experienced, however due to my lack of basic MS Office 2010 skills I am being beaten out by the competition.

    I have had 27 interviews in the last 6 weeks. There is no just starting somewhere when no one will let me start. I am signed up with 7 temp agencies and they can't even get me a part-time temp position. I MUST update my skills to get employed.

    I have a couple of new promising leads in new areas, so we will see what happens next week, but I will be talking to my high schooler today to see how she can help, and I will be talking to her former camp counselor as well to see if he can help me out as well.

    I am expert at MS Word, Access, and Excel. Clueless at PowerPoint and Outlook. Moderate at Publisher. Sadly, PowerPoint and Outlook are what employers are looking for.
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    Sep 9 2012: That would be so AMAZING!!!!!!! Please!!!!!
    • Sep 9 2012: For one stop writing with so many capital letters and so many exclamation points. If you are doing that in your applications, or if you show that kind of exaggerated display of emotion when interviewed, then it is not lack of skills that has been holding you down.

      Be enthusiastic, by all means, just not naively enthusiastic.

      For your questions, there is no short-cuts. You have to be patient and study carefully. Microsoft software? Seriously? That's no issue. If asked say that you are proficient enough to quickly learn and be at the same level as everybody else within a few days on the job. This is not a lie, but a fact of life. That software is not hard to learn, and it is not foundational either (even if when interviewed they make you feel as if it is). It is just the particular software used.

      Anyway, if you have the software you are talking about, well, start going through the tutorials and do stuff. Balance your accounts, write stuff, whatever.

      Do not worry if at first you don't have the job you want. Just start somewhere.

      Be well.
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    Sep 9 2012: OMG!!!!!!!! That is an AWESOME idea!!!!!!! I live smack in the middle of THREE high schools!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I will print up some flyers TODAY and go post them TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! OH Fritzie you are AWESOME!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Genius. Simply genius.
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      Sep 9 2012: And I can help you to design those flyers, if you want!

      Prerak Trivedi.
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    Sep 9 2012: Thank you!!! I have selected my school with an online, fast-track master's degree program, and they are working hard to help me get financial aid. In the meantime, I need to brush up on my Microsoft Office 2010 skills as quickly and INEXPENSIVELY as possible, and I need to learn QuickBooks and Peachtree ASAP!!!!!

    The thing is, even simple community adult school classes for these run at least $50 each, and that just does not fit my budget right now. And no one in my network is able to help me either.

    I have an excellent and varied resume and get tons of interviews, but in the end the competition wins out...because it boils down to my lack of current basic skills. GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR...........
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      Sep 9 2012: It seems like you know exactly what you need to do. You have probably looked for free online tutorials.

      The only other thing that occurs to me is whether you can trade something to a teenager, for example, who could in exchange work with you on Microsoft Office.
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    Sep 9 2012: You will need to look at available business programs, compare tuition, and make your applications, including scholarship applications. Almost any business program, I would think, will have coursework related to entrepreneurship. Most will have application deadlines in December or January, very likely. You may be interest in evening or online versions if you want to go to school while also being employed.

    Mastering what you learn will require organization, trying to do your studies at the times of day you are most efficient, reviewing frequently, and trying to apply what you learn to your business practices and personal decisionmaking.

    Looking for a good well-paying solid job is not about mastering information. As so VERY many people are seeking the same, you will find plenty of job-seeking advice online. Your network of people you know tends to be a very important resource when you are competing against droves of similarly talented people all of whom are looking for such jobs.

    Good luck on this adventure!